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Buy American Made Products!

My Disclaimer, everyone else has one to cover their perspective A _ _….
I got my Curiosity up, about what products are still made in the USA?

Why Buy American Made Products?

The list of links and videos below is what I found using online search, so I'm not affiliated with anyone I found on, I'm not endorsing any products.
So it is still Buyer Beware!
But Please Buy American made products to Create American Jobs! 99% of Americans still have more Power to create Jobs than any of Congress Politicians ever did, they just don't want you to know it.

American Made Products Web Links found on

The Veterans Flag Depot

American Made

'Made in America' Resource Guide: Where to Find American Companies

American Made Products Directory
Please try to support American Workers by buying products from the directory.

American Made: Products and Services - Made in USA
Back to School & Gift Shopping begins with MADEinUSA Search Engine & Database.
Patriots start all their Holiday shopping looking for Made in America products to help our economy recover, by creating and keeping more jobs here at home.

Blackberry Covers
Covers & Cases have a great selection of Blackberry covers. Their cases fit Blackberry Bold, Curve or Torch models.

Join the "How Americans Can Buy American" email list today and have the October 2010 edition of the American-made Retail E-guide emailed to you for FREE.

There are many Made in the USA lists throughout the internet, nearly all of them tacky and in poor taste. These awful websites have led me to compile a list of stylish and cool brands that make their goods in America. One of my goals with this is to make it easier to locate and buy domestically produced apparel products. Another motivating factor is my desire for things Made in the USA to be embraced by a younger, more stylish consumer.

Welcome to an on-line shopping resource for American-made products for the home and family. Still Made in

Made in the U.S.A.: What products are still American-made? From

PLEASE SUPPORT AMERICAN JOBS! There are some REALLY unique and wonderful toys, made right here in America. Please give them a try!

Product List of Stuff Made in the USA from US

Union Label Week, September 5-11, 2011
Union Label Week, September 5-11, 2011
From Labor Day, Monday, September 5, through Sunday September 11, 2011 American la¬bor will observe Union Label Week—the time traditionally set aside for union families and all consumers to make a special effort to support good jobs by looking for union-made goods and union-produced services when they shop.

How to Find American Made Products - Save Jobs and Improve the Economy
American Made Goods
From time to time, American consumers have spent substantial amounts of money on foreign goods. Occasionally, some have citizens decided to protest foreign goods and services they feel weaken the American workforce and economy.

Devvy receives no compensation in any form for listing these companies. There are no advertising fees paid to Devvy for this free listing service.
There is no charge to list these companies and resources. They are listed because we believe in America's workers and want to keep them employed.
Buy Made in the USA from

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