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OK What is Madness?

the state of being mentally ill, especially severely.
synonyms: insanity, mental illness, dementia, derangement;
antonyms: sanity
extremely foolish behavior.
plural noun: madnesses
"it is madness to allow children to roam around after dark"
synonyms: folly, foolishness, idiocy, stupidity, insanity, lunacy, silliness;
antonyms: common sense, good sense
a state of frenzied or chaotic activity.
"from about midnight to three in the morning it's absolute madness in here"
synonyms: bedlam, mayhem, chaos, pandemonium, craziness, uproar, turmoil, disorder, all hell broken loose, (three-ring) circus

Congress could be con-screwed with Madness!
Greedy Rich 1% could be con-screwed with Madness!
Wall Street definitely are con-screwed with Madness all that shouting and yelling!

2013 Robert B. Reich - Economy, Inequality and Obama's Second Term - Full Version

What the 1% Don't Want You to Know

Capitalism Is The Crisis (Full Movie)

How Lobbyists Secretly Run Washington: The Rich, Money & Influencing Congress, Government (1993)

American Militia Commander Tells Congress They Are Running Out Of Time


Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism - Militia in the US - 6/15/1995 (1 of 2)

Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism - Militia in the US - 6/15/1995 (2 of 2)

Lack of Criminal Prosecutions Linked to Obama and Holder's Wall St. Connections

Untouchables on Wall Street

The Fall of Lehman Brothers

The Biggest Con Job in World History - Wall Street!

Lifestyle Of The Billion Dollar Wall Street Ballers

The men who crashed the world

Bernie Sanders "The Truth Is Wall Street Regulates Congress"

We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant

Politicking: Matt Taibbi on America's 'Injustice System'

War Waste: The Pentagon's Botched Projects

Shocking Government Waste at The Defense Department

How Money Laundering Works: The CIA, Trade & Finance in Central America Day 4 Part 3 (1988)


America's War On Drugs - The Prison Industrial Complex

Prison industrial complex

Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex - Angela Davis

The Power Principle: (Full Length Documentary)

The Most SHOCKING Psychiatry Documentary EVER

Human Experimentation Cover-Up : Documentary on Secret Government Experimentation on Americans

The Documentary - Auschwitz The Forgotten Evidence History WWII)

Operation Paperclip:The CIA and the Nazis

CIA Black Ops, Mind Control, MK-Ultra, New Phoenix Project, Organized Stalking, Monarch

'Presidential Secrets'-- Former CIA Black Op Speaks Out with ex-FBI Ted Gunderson

The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling (1995) Full Length

How Gov./C.I.A./Organized crime sells drugs to your children to pay for Wall Street/Gov

Richard Dolan: Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011

Former FBI Chief Comes Clean About Conspiracies And Corruption

Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Went To War In Iraq So Halliburton Would Profit! (or WAR PROFITEER)

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers 2006

The War On Democracy (John Pilger's documentary)

John Pilger Breaking the Silence Truth and Lies in the War on Terror

John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire

John Perkins "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"Extended Interview 2008

Bill Moyers Essay: Washington's Revolving Door

United States of ALEC: A Follow-Up

Inequality for All

Eugenics and the Dirty World of Psychiatry EXPOSED!
Was Deleted and I cannot find it!

I replaced it with this one!

Charlotte Iserbyt Speaks Out on The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Racism, Genocide, and Eugenics (Full Documentary)

The CIA Controls Al Qaeda

Former CIA Agents Reveal CIA Secrets (Full Documentary)

Nova: The Spy Factory Full Video

Rise of the Drones [PBS NOVA]

[Full National HD] The Future of Military Dogfighters (Full Documentary)

Next Future Technology will Blow Your Mind - Full Documentary

America Building Robots Army for Future | New Documentary

Most Advance Modern Warships Trillion Dollars Defense Full Documentary

DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials Live Broadcast

Klaatu's warning

Watch high-speed trading in action

High speed trading showdown

Secrets of a former high speed trader

TEDxNewWallStreet - Sean Gourley - High frequency trading and the new algorithmic ecosystem


Whistleblower Haim Bodek Explains High-Frequency Trading "Scalpers" & Stock Exchange Back Doors

Exchanges, Brokers, Dealers, Clearinghouses

Theory of Debt, Its Proper Role, Leverage Cycles

Corporate Stocks

Investment Banks