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George Stoken's Super 8 Film, Video's

....Rigth Click the link, then a window opens, click "Save Target As" to your hard disk, then you can play the video on full screen....
This video was taken by me, George Stoken, with a Super 8 movie camera between Oct-1966 and August-1967.
I am not a professional so some of the pictures are jumpy and I am too fast on scanning the area. I had the film converted to Beta 20 years ago
converted to VHS 5 years ago. I have converted the vhs to dvd-r. It plays better on a DVD PLAYER then on the computer dvd-player.
The film is a little grainy at first but viewable.
I have compiled the sequence of events on the film. The film is about 40 minutes long containing two titles with 8 chapters in the first title and 1 chapter in the second title.
I do get my face in some of the pictures. My parents wanted to make sure I was ok.,so I was always trying to make fun of the situation even though it wasn't.
I think the pictures need to be kept by someone so we have a historical view of what went on at our unit during that first year.

I the webmaster "SP-4 Peterson" edited, and converted into MPeg-4 Medium CIF video format short clips for viewing on the computer, using the titles that George gave me.

Sequence of Events:

Video Clip 1
45th Surgical Hospital Surroundings (some shots taken on top of the Nurses Shower)

Video Clip 2
Vietnamese Workers and Tent Living Quarters

Video Clip 3
Airplane Trip Over Tay Ninh
Back of C-130 Cargo Bay
Was Open so I took some Pictures
Bomb Creaters

Video Clip 4
Tay-Ninh Cemetary (Ramon Flores Walking Around)

Video Clip 5
C130 Take Off

Video Clip 6
Premier Key's Visit
He Noticed PVT Doolittle's Name Tag and asked him if he was related to the Air Force Pilot Jimmy Doolittle from WWII

Video Clip 7

Video Clip 8
Saigon Deuce 1/2 Trip

Video Clip 9
Vietnamese School Kids and Bike/Motor Bike Riders

Video Clip 10
Tan Son Nut Air Base and Saigon River from a Helicopter

Video Clip 11
Scary Soldier Once the Mask is Off

Video Clip 12
Helicopter Parking Area Next to Our Hospital

Video Clip 13
Nancy Sinatra Visit and Nancy to Nurses Quarters to get ready for Show

Video Clip 14 Part 1
Nancy and the Gordian Knot Performing (Jimmy Boyd TV Actor Played the Guitar, The Tambarine Player was a College Football Player Not Sure His Name)

Video Clip 14 Part 2
Nancy Performed At The Tay Ninh Rice Bowl - 196th Light Infantry

Video Clip 15
General Westmoreland Visits and Salutees the Camera

Video Clip 16
Supply Area on Tay Ninh Base Camp

Video Clip 17
POW Compound Tay Ninh

Video Clip 18
Montaganards Troups with Family waiting to be sent somewhere at the Airport

Video Clip 19
Helicopter Hitchhiker

Video Clip 20
Closeup of Helicopter

Video Clip 21
Perimeter of the Base

Video Clip 22
187th Assault Helicopter Company Helicopters

Video Clip 23
Parked Tanks & Ammo Dump Artillery at Tay Ninh

Video Clip 24
Incoming/Outgoing Patients

Video Clip 25
Blood and Body Parts Medical Waste Area

Video Clip 26
MUD Football Game (This similar game showed up in American Graffitti 2) Wonder If They Took That from me. HaHa. I can Identify two players Gee and Mcbride.

Video Clip 27 Part 1
R+R Trip to Hong Kong June 1-6 1967 Star Ferry Ride

Video Clip 27 Part 2
R+R Trip to Hong Kong June 1-6 1967 Star Ferry Ride

Video Clip 28
Hong Kong Housing and Beach 10 miles from down town

Video Clip 29
Sanpans and Lunch at Chineese Boat Restaurant

Video Clip 30
Downtown Hong Kong and Hong Kong Hilton

Video Clip 31
Fountain and Star Ferry Ride

Video Clip 32
Back at Tay Ninh, July 4th Picnic and Vietnamese Guests

Video Clip 33
The White House (Military Husband and Wife worked at our Hospital)
Wratten Memorial
Additions to Hospital
Nice Shorts

Video Clip 34
Phillipine Volleyball

Video Clip 35
Hong Kong (out of sequence), Bamboo Curtain and Hong Kong Airport