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Our Ancestors

I was told that I did not have a people, and that I was Heinz-57!
That was 20 years ago. It sparked my imagination, so I started using, looking at their database over the years.
You know I found out that my sister-in-law was right, I am Heinz-57, the following is a short list, since there is too much information to put on this one web page!
In short everyone in this World Are My People!

Just Got my DNA Back from

UNCERTAIN 7% Could be Alien? DNA Ethnicity Estimate for Alfred Landon Peterson updated as of 11/15/2013

Less Than 1% Africa North: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

44% Scandinavia: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

24% Ireland: Ireland, and Scotland.

13% Europe West: France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Northern Italy, and West Poland.

7% Italy/Greece: Spain, France, Italy, Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria.

6% Great Britain: Ireland, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany, and Northern France.

1% Europe East: Poland Czech Republic, Austria, Bratislava, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Chisinau, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

1% European Jewish: Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia.

1% Iberian Peninsula: Spain, Morocco, Northern Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, and Southern France.

2% Caucasus: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and Turkmenistan.

Close to 100% Updated by…..finally! Now I know I’m Really Heinz 57 for sure! It really looks like, has finally gotten the DNA Analysis close to my actual Ancestry!
My Ancestors in .pdf files Based on's Database Information cross checked with the King James Bible, and other online source web sites.

Ancestors of King Arthur Pendragon From Ancestry's database.pdf

Kinship Report for Alfred Landon Peterson 10_19_2014.pdf

Descendants of Adam The First Patriarch Mothers Lineage 1.pdf

Descendants of Cyrus the great King of Persia

Seleucus I Nicator is the 80th great grandfather of Alfred Landon Peterson

Descendants of Scota of Egypt My Mothers Side 11_21_2012.pdf

Descendants of Charles I Charlemagne Emperor Holy Roman Empire Carolingian Mothers Lineage 2.pdf

Descendants of Godfrey de Wake to Alfred Landon Peterson Family Mothers Lineage 3.pdf

Register Report Descendants of Adam the First Man of Alfred Landon Peterson Family Tree.pdf

Relationship Alfred Landon Peterson to Noah Ben Lamech 06_29_2012.pdf

Yngling saga Kings of the Swedes
Njord King of the Swedes
Njord King of the Swedes

Descendants of Richard II The Good Duke Of Normandy 29th great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II.pdf

AncestorReport Ancestors of Alfred Landon Peterson 26 DEC 2010.pdf

Descendants of Elohim GOD Immortal The Alpha and Omega Mothers Side 03_02_2021.pdf

Descendants of in the Beginning GOD Created Mann.pdf

Descendants of Cleopatra VII Of Egypt

Descendants of Djedkare Isesi 5th Dynasty Egyptian Pharoah

Descendants of Charlemagn Emperor The Holy Roman Empire

Descendants of Abraham ben Terah the Semite

Descendants of Abraham of Genesis

Descendants of Bewan or Beow Bjaf of Troy

Zerah ben Judah the Judahites
Descendants of Marcomir I King Of Troy

Descendants of Marcus Antonius Di Roma

Descendants of Achaemenes

Descendants of King Cispi Teispes av Anzan

Descendants of Judah Ben JACOB Goshen

John O'Hart (1824–1902) was an Irish genealogist.
Baoth ben Magog First King of Scythia

Descendants of Kenneth I MacAlpin of Scotland

Descendants of Priam Podarces High King of Troy

Descendants of Ragnar Lodbrok Sigurdson King of Denmark

Descendants of Odin Woden Woutan

First King of the Danes
Descendants of Skjold Of The Danes

Descendants of Margaret Plantagenet

Descendants of Noah Ben Lamech

Descendants of Zedekiah Last King of Judah

Descendants of Thor King of Thrace

Descendants of Rollo Rognvaldsson

Descendants of Bayeux Poppa ROLLO's First Wife

Descendants of Seleucus I Nicator

Descendants of Woden Odin to Alfred Landon Peterson Family Fathers Lineage 2.pdf

Descendants of Darius I Great to Alfred Landon Peterson Family Fathers Lineage 3.pdf

Descendants of Adam to Alfred Landon Peterson Family Tree Fathers Lineage 4.pdf

Most of my ancient and Not so ancient Relatives I have found so Far, Kinship Report for Alfred Landon Peterson.pdf

Decendants of Llyr King Lear from my fathers side

Descendant Report Descendants of Adam The First Patriarch to Our Family Tree Katherine Susan Prevatt

Misc. Ancestor Notes Report 748 pages

Beth Shean, Scythopolis (Pompey and the Romans rebuilt Beth Shean in 63 BC and it was renamed Scythopolis ("city of the Scythians;" cf. Col 3:11)).

Egyptian New Chronology by David Rohl.doc

And so it goes on and on....
After looking at my tree for 20 years, Its my hobby now that I'm retired, something to do...
Now I cannot watch the History programs on TV without seeing an ancestor....
This web page is a culmination of what I have learned the past 20 years, and there is no room for everything in Ancient World History on this web page!
If you do not see what you want on this page go to:
Locate the search box, and type in the country, or war's name, or person's name.
You Tube over the years has grown so much that everyone can use it to learn just about anything!
Wikipedia is a good source for detailed information, and Researching People, places, etc.:
Ancestry web site is good source for finding your long lost relatives, and they help you along.:
I use Wikipedia to verify dates of birth and death and other good information about my ancestors, always cross checking's data bases, I do not take anything at face value, I always have to check it out!

I Hope everyone enjoys looking at the page.
Alfred Landon Peterson - Webmaster, I still do not know everything there is to know, but I'm still learning at 64 years old...
And I did not like World History in school! But now I find it Very Interesting because it shows me my Ancestors, so it makes this personal!

Wikipedia Ancestor Documents Web Links

Sons of Noah

Abraham's family tree

Carolingian dynasty


Holy Roman Emperor


Achaemenid Empire

List of kings of Persia

History of Iran

History of Asia

History of the Middle East

Argead dynasty

History of Ptolemaic Egypt


List of Germanic peoples

Ynglings were the oldest known Scandinavian dynasty

Saxo's kings of Sweden

Mythical kings of Sweden

Kings in Norse mythology and legends

People in Norse mythology and legends

Fairhair dynasty

Norwegian monarchs

List of Norwegian monarchs

Sumerian King List

Sumerian King List, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cimmerians, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

List of ancient Iranian peoples, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

History of Mesopotamia, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This page includes a series of articles from several sources which are directly or indirectly related to heraldry in Ireland.

Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the World by Eddie Geoghegan, Featuring free coats of arms for over 10,000 surnames


World Languages
Chuck Missler Genesis Session 14 Ch 11 (The Tower Of Babel)

In Search Of The Garden Of Eden (Bible History Documentary)

The search for Adam and Eve - DNA Mysteries (History National Geographic Documentary)

(Documentary) First 1000 Years of Christianity

Christianity the Second 1000 Years

History of the English language

History of Spanish

Spanish language

History of French

Portuguese language

Greek language

Latin Language

Romanian language

German language

Dutch language

Swedish language

Irish language

Scots language

Scottish Gaelic

Finnish language

World languages

Indigenous languages of the Americas

Other Web Site Ancestry Sources

T A B L E O F N A T I O N S (70) Ham, Shem & Japheth

The Table of Nations: Genesis Chapters 10-11

TRALEE, Queen Scotia and Slieve Mish, Scota. Mountain Grave. An Irish Big Dig

Full text of "The origin and history of Irish names of places"

Scotland's History timeline

Was Scota One of the Royal Daughters?


Scotland's Namesake

The Story of Princess Scota, The Celtic-Egyptian Connection

Irish Scots Gaelic Egyptian Connection

Timeline of the Kings and Queens of England

ENGLAND, KINGS 1066-1603


Kings & Queens of England, Scotland, Wales and the United Kingdom 757-Present

Descendants of Alfred the Great, Royal Family Tree (849 - 2012)

Genealogies of European Royal Families

The Family of Abraham

Mayflower History

List of the Mayflower Passengers

Other Source Ancestor Research Information .pdf files

Israels Wonderings.pdf

Threads Back to Abraham.pdf

British Israel.pdf

Far Flung Finn.pdf

Queen Elizabeth II is Heir to Great Bible Promises.pdf

Guide to Tracing Your American Indian Ancestry.pdf


The Story of Ireland

BBC The Story of Ireland 1of5 Age of Invasions

BBC's: The Story of Ireland 2of5 - Age of Conquest

BBC's: The Story of Ireland 3of5 Age of Revolution

BBC's: The Story of Ireland 4of5 Age of Union

BBC's: The Story of Ireland 5of5 Age of Nations

The Sea-Kingdom: Dál Riata & The Birth of Scotland

The Picts: Historical Timeline [3600 BC - 900 AD]

Forgotten History of the Ancient Picts

Scottish Monarchs Family Tree | Kenneth MacAlpin to James VI

Queen Scota - Egyptian Princess Who Became The Queen of Scots

Ancient Egyptians in Ancient Ireland? | Ancient Architects

An old Irish legend about an ancient Egyptian princess - ROBERT SEPEHR


American Holocaust Of Native American Indians: 2001 Documentary (Short Version)

American Holocaust: The Destruction of America's Native Peoples

Older Than America Movie
The truths of the past come to light in a series of haunting visions in this drama starring Adam Beach, Tantoo Cardinal, and Wes Studi. Traumatized by the strange visions that grow more vivid with each passing day, a young woman of Native American heritage begins piecing together a Catholic priest's diabolical plot to prevent her mother from revealing the atrocities that unfolded at a Native Indian boarding school.

Rent the Movie Older Than America
Older Than America

The First Americans 1

The First Americans 2

The First Americans 3


Origin of european nations

Origin of european nations

India: The Empire of the Spirit


History of Civilization 6: Early Mesopotamia


Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Discovery Channel Documentary SD




Theodoric The Great: Europe's Most Powerful Barbarian King

Ancient Celts: Anglo-Saxon Invasion of Britain DOCUMENTARY

Barbarians Rising: ROME CRUSHED BY THE GOTHS IN BATTLE | Full Episode | History

Rise of the Vandals: How the Vandals Took Over Roman Africa

The Kingdom of the Lombards: Migration and Integration

The Strangest Viking Documentary (Ivar the Boneless)

How The Franks & The Vikings Unified Normandy | The Last Journey Of The Vikings | Absolute History

The Viking Barbarians | History Documentary

The Real Rollo & the Foundation of Normandy // Vikings Documentary

Rollo & Gisla Story - The Bear and the Princess - Part 3 (2)

The Real Rollo & the Foundation of Normandy // Vikings Documentary

My 33rd Great Grand Father was the Viking ROLLO, and my 33rd Great Grand Uncle was the Viking RAGNAR. Watching the Vikings on the History channel on TV I noticed that ROLLO married my 33rd Great Grand Mother, the King of France Daughter!
The King of France was the Grand Son of Charles I Charlemagne, my other great grand father, Small World!
Source: The Duchy of Normandy
The Duchy of Normandy grew out of the 911 Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte between King Charles III of West Francia and Rollo, leader of the Vikings.
From 1035 to 1135 it was held by the Norman kings of England and then, after 15 years of government by Stephen of Blois and Geoffrey Plantagenet,
it was held by the Angevin kings of England from 1150 to 1204. Normandy was conquered by Philip II of France in 1204 and remained disputed territory until the Treaty of Paris of 1259,
when the English sovereigns ceded their claim, except for the Channel Islands.
The title of "Duke of Normandy" was then sporadically conferred in the kingdom of France as an honorific but non-feudal title, the last one having been Louis XVII of France from 1785 to 1789.


Popular Videos Crusades vesves Documentary s hd : Crusades: Crescent vesves the Cross ( Doc

The History of the Kings and Queens of England - Full History Documentary

Russian Tsars Family Tree | Ivan the Terrible to Nicholas II

The origins of Russia



Continued on Ancient People 2
The Story of Scotland, Ireland, Britain, and the Royals